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A small town in Bijnor District, Nagina is one of the important wood carving centers in Uttar Pradesh. This town, known throughout the world as ‘wood crafts city,’ produces wooden handicrafts of international standard. The history of wood crafts industry of Nagina is about 500 years old. The town is mostly inhabited by Multani people who originally hailed from Pakistan. The curious wooden items manufactured by these people have been admired and encouraged from the Mughal period. Of the wooden items, walking sticks, exclusive brass inlay and wooden inlay boxes and engravings are very popular. Nagina, located to the east of Bijnor, is about 7 km from Puraini and 17 km from Dhampur. Nagina has Nagina Railway Station as its main station. Nearest airport is Jolly Grant Airport.

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  • Nagina, naginavi wrote 22 days ago:
    The descr iption mentioned here on Wikimapia about Nagina City and about people of Nagina is totally absurd and wrong. The article need to be improved by adding information based on reliable sources from History.
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    Replace the corrupt by an honest one who can run baitulmall as per Islamic Law.
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    Nagina is a nice city. I m in lohari saray
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